Friday, September 27, 2019

History Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 91

History - Essay Example They tried to copy this style of ruling, which led to rise of absolute states so that they can assert their powers (Kidner, Bucur, Mathisen, McKee, and Theodore, 145). One of the characteristics is that the leader is the head of state and responsible for making most decisions in the state, for instance in the French absolute monarchy. King Louis XIV became a king at 23 years and was responsible for all decision made in his land. The second characteristic is that the success and power of the absolutist depended on how well they resolved their financial crisis. The third characteristic is that they were not totalitarian. This means that they neither seize nor seek to direct deceits of a culture of the state. They also had their standing armies that were referred to as the secret police (Kidner, Bucur, Mathisen, McKee and Theodore, 200). The agricultural states in the western maritime were not influenced by the absolutist states. England and Holland were the first two states that were not willing to apply this system. This was because they had already outgrown this system of leadership. They only implied some of the practice sin their internal political environment. The Dutch were also not interested in the absolutist system. The reasons for the decline of this system of the states were both intellectual and political. One of the reasons was that England was set for a radical change in its administration. It was struggling to have a modern state. England was setting out to have a parliament. These desires were driven by the religious concerns of list people. These states also saw many disadvantages in having this type of leadership. One of the reasons was that they would contact more trade and have fewer invasions as compared to the absolutist. They were slowly preparing for war and not trade. This meant that the st ates that rejected this move would not require a large army and most people

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