Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Comparison And Contrast

Summary : This is a 3-p eld on brformer(a)ly sciences . The has 1 autocratic and is in MLA format . The compares and contrasts the deuce famous American attractive state of warfarefare generals Ulysses S . feed and Robert E . lee[Name of Student][Subject][Date]Comparing make and leewardIntroductionUlysses split up and Robert downwind were the two most prominent Generals during the civil war who proved to be the backb champion and core support of their various(prenominal) sides . twain assign custodyt and downwind were remarkable soldiers Being a natural soldier made them marvelous fighters and their fighting qualities were actually much alike (Catton , 506 ) Both men has shown extraordinary level of bravery and stoutness during the battles when their sides were weak and victory was hopeless . duty assignment sho wed this kind of valor in Mississippi V eitherey , expel Lee s to a faultd firmly on the trenches of Petersburg spell there was no hope for any survival (Catton , 506 ) Both submiters had the competency to think swiftly and act upon it windy as Catton (506 ) says that they had too the ability to think faster and move faster than the rival . These were the main qualities behind the success of these two Generals in virtually major battles . The most striking similarity of the two leadership was their ability to switch from war to peace when they got the stake and were certain(a) that they will make peace . When they realized that there is a genuine possibility of making peace both the leaders gave up fighting and met at Appomattox , which became the turning point of the U .S . history and made possible the reconciliation of the two sides . If they had non interpreted this step the United States of today would never had materialized with much(prenominal) might and prosper ityDifferencesGrant and Lee both leaders wer! e entirely different regarding their personalities and companionable backgrounds .
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Robert Lee belonged to the old aristocracy and had firm judgment in the traditional way of life of the already gone Middle Ages . He was from Virginia where the conservative culture still prevailed . His family was one of the last of those who equal the old chivalry brought in the modern World by the British His way of life could be traced back to the age of Knighthood and English country squire (Catton , 505 ) Lee firmly believed that social inequality has its own advantages and dividing the society into unemployed class and prevalent c lass is necessary . He believed that this blank class of men i .e . the aristocracy has the responsibility to lead the nation Lee was so much immersed in the ideology of the aristocracy that during the war after sometime it was felt that all the confederates were fighting lone(prenominal) for Lee because it seem that Lee was the beaver symbol of the league and the way of life it was standing for . Grant on the other hand came from an entirely different social background . primarily from the Western frontier where his father was a tanner Grant was not a person who...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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