Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Final_ProjectWK5 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Final_ProjectWK5 - Essay role modelIn the promotion of such brands it is highly essential to have customers or consumers which are greatly powerful in their social circle. This is for the reason that the promotion of a brand that takes place through the word of speak or by sharing experiences from the current user or customer is more reliable and honorable than any(prenominal) other source.In addition, hosting parties at round clients place and then targeting some sunrise(prenominal) prospects will also lend a hand to the emerging company to gather new customers. For this important purpose, the company can ask out their clients to throw a party that would be arrange and sponsored by the company itself and invite their friends which fall under the target market. One of the representatives from the firm can become the part this party and introduced this brand to them. Hence it would be really impressive as bulk would be able to directly deal with the companys representative and satisfy their queries.As the Tailgetters are mainly focusing on promoting their products and services through hosting different theme parties, therefore the channel management in this case is very simple. This is for the reason that they are selling their brand directly to their customer with the involvement of any marketing intermediaries like distributor, wholesaler, retailer etc. But on the other hand, for this reason the company of necessity to have a very strong and well trained and developed selling department. Sales people must be effective and efficient enough to persuade and influence the prospects to buy their products.At an opening stage of Tailgetters it would be a smarter move if they prefer to keep their channel as short as possible and direct marketing would be highly effective. That means that the channel must only catch up with of two parties that is the company and the consumer. However, a longer channel will only be good if the company intends to expand the business outside their

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