Sunday, May 5, 2019

REACTION ESSAY #2 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

REACTION 2 - Essay ExampleThe Old will was written in Hebrew and the New Testament in Greek. This bible was concise and compelling, full of the ingestion of imagery and rhythm.John Donne was a highly influential and eloquent person. He was not only an Anglican priest of the Church of England, but also the dean of the cathedral church in London. He get the hang the sermon as the mediation medium. Holy Sonnets, for example, was one of Donnes religious poetry. The metaphysical poetry reflected the hammy contrast of the baroque.The Protestant North also produced outstanding music and undisputed art. George Frederic Handel was a brilliant participant who composed songs in German and Italian. He composed many songs and brought scripture into life in these songs. Christopher wren who was an architect, scientist and a professor prepared the design of the new city after fire destroyed nearly parts of the city. Another person who made an enormous contribution in the protestant north was can Milton. He was a humanist, a poet and also a political activist. He fought for the rights of the stack in any(prenominal) controversial issues they faced. The protestant devotionals also spread to the Netherlands.I, therefore, acknowledge the development in the Protestant North as the foundation of todays developments. For instance, the use of poetry in addressing certain issues affecting the local people is still widely

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