Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Violent Behavior In Society Essay -- essays research papers

Violent Behavior in SocietyIt gained through violent behavior is only temporary and it lasts until thetime of revenge comes around. force-out was glorify hundreds of years ago. Back then it was a form of apure entertainment. We know how among ancient Romans, gladiators (usually slavesor captives trained for the purpose),fought with swords or other weapons at ordinary "shows". The more harm the gladiators inflicted the bigger hero he was,and the more respect he gained. All the crimes they committed were cond championd,accepted and glorified.Today it seems like instead of gladiators we acquit boxers. Is case just asport, or another way of violent behavior, that is not only accepted by societybut also in many ways glorified? Do we glorify boxing (most of the time bloodyshows) because it is entertaining, or maybe because it is a multi-milion dollarbusiness? The scenery of boxing is broken bones, black and blue faces,blood...The more severe the fight the more exited and happy the audience seemsto be. Violence simply stimulates people. Big glory comes when one passes come is the hero What is the message here? It is, we will like youmore since you are physically stronger, and we will respect you because we areafraid of you. That is again, a wrong message.Violence is glorified the most throught media, violent movies, TV shows andnewspaper sensationalism.THERE SEEMES TO BE A NEED FOR VIOLNCE IN SOCIETYViolent movies are born one after another &...

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