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Suitors of Queen Elizabeth I Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Suitors of sissy Elizabeth I - Essay ExampleEventually, it was still Elizabeths word against them when she said that the peoples interests were more important. Centuries after the Queens death, investigations were being done to title that indeed, there was a secret marriage with two secret male childs to boot. One of the sons accordingly was Francis Bacon, a writer turned critic of the Queen. Whether this was true or not, the Francis Bacon Society is promoting the truth of this belief now. In fact, some of the sources employ in this paper come from, a website for Francis Bacon.Queen Elizabeth was born on September 7, 1533, to Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII, fairy of Great Britain.1 The King then had Catherine of Aragon for a wife who could not bear him a son that he changed the course of his countrys history to marry Boleyn. Instead, she bore Elizabeth. Eventually, Anne was charged with incest and beheaded on May 19, 1536, forwards Elizabeth was raze three years old. Meanwhile, Elizabeth grew up just is a reminder to Henry of Anne, Elizabeth was sent away from Court.2From 1534 to 1585 or for a period of 51 long years, dukes, archdukes, princes, knights, and kings courted Elizabeth. The first suitor on record was Charles, Earl of Angouleme, 3 but the nature of such courtship has not been explained. In 1534, Elizabeth was only a year old, having been born in 1533. 4 Elizabeth became queen on November 17, 1558, at the age of 25. 5 Therefore 21 nobles may pass on courted her before she was ever crowned, and 13 when she became queen.6 Upon the queens coronation, Felipe II, the King of Spain, instantly became a suitor, taking after his son, Don Carlos, coming ahead by three years in 1556.7. When she was last being wooed in 1585 she was already 52.8 The Queen died on March 24, 1603, at the age of 70 9 having had 34 principal suitors .10 The list of suitorsThe hobby list 11 includes only the principal suitors of queen Elizabeth according to period 1 534, Charles, Earl of Angouleme 1536, Duke of Orleans et de Chtellerault 1542-1545, Duke of Bourbon, third son of Francois I- 1538, Archduke Ferdinand of Austria 1542, a Prince of Portugal 1543 James Hamilton, Son of James Hamilton, 2 Earl of Arran 1544, Prince Felipe 1547, Sir Thomas Seymour, Baron Seymour of Sudeley 1551, Brother of the Duke of make-believe 1551, Alfonso DEste 1533-1597, Son of Hercules DEste Duke of Ferrara and 1551, Son of Cosimo de Medici, Duke of Florence- 1552, Prince Frederick of Denmark 1553, Edward Courtenay, Earl of Devonshire 1554 Henry Fitzalan, BaronMaltravers, Son of the Earl of Arundel 1554, Duque de Segorbe 1554, Archduke Ferdinand of Austria, Holy Roman Emperor 1554, Prince Frederick of Denmark 1555, Christopher II Zahringen, and 1536, then again in1577, Margrave of Baden- 1555, Philibert Emanuel, Duke of Savoy 1556 Prince Eric of Sweden 1556, Don Carlos (son of Felipe II) 1559, Felipe II 1559, Prince Eric of Sweden 1559, Son of Johann Friedrich I , 1556, Duke of Saxony who also tried two years before 1559, Sir William Pickering 1559,James Hamilton, 2 Earl of Arran, father of the one who courted the Queen in 1543- 1559, Henry Fitzalan, Earl of Arundel 1559, Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester 1560, King Eric XVI of Sweden 1560, Adolphus of Gottorp, Duke of Holstein and Knight of the suspensor1560, King Charles IX of France 1560, Henri De Valois, Duke of Anjou.

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