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The Cherry Orchard - The Struggle :: Anton Chekhov Cherry Orchard Essays

The reddish orchard - The Struggle Anton Chekhovs play The Cherry Orchard introduces readers to a pre-Revolution Russian family faced with the impending trade of their estate, the Cherry Orchard. The main character in the play is the owner of the Cherry Orchard, Lyubov Andreyevna. It is in the play that Lyubov must ultimately decide whether to tout ensembleow her Cherry Orchard to be cut down to make room for villas or to sell the entire estate to pay off her debts. It is her unconditional love for both the Cherry Orchard and what it symbolizes to her that allows her to put the estate up for sale rather than have the Cherry Orchard cut down. Although she is a member of the Russian upper class, Lyubov is hopelessly out of touch with reality and very irresponsible when in comes to finances. She often throws money around as though thither are no consequences to her actions. by and by her husband died and her boy was tragically drowned at the Cherry Orchard, she fled to Par is and bought a villa, which she soon had to sell to pay off her debts. Lyubov dines lavishly and tips handsomely when in all actuality she hasnt a dime to spare. She throws parties and hires orchestras she knows she can not pay for. It is this type of behavior that put Lyubov deep enough into debt to where her beloved estate has been put at risk. To Lyubov the Cherry Orchard means so much more than the acres and acres of beautiful cherry trees and rivers so much more than the piece of ground that was featured in the encyclopedia. To her it represents her sense of nostalgia, a longing for the past. It is the place where her grandparents lived. Her mother and father lived there as well. It reminds Lyubov of her youth. When she looks at the cherry trees she does not just grab branches and blossoms, she sees a time when she walked through the orchard with her mother as a young girl. She says I used to sleep here when I was littleand here I am like a churl again. Lyubovs innocence also remains a part of the Cherry Orchard, for as a child she did not own serfs or squander her familys money. Even though the Cherry Orchard invokes thoughts of her lost husband and son, she still treasures it.

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