Friday, March 22, 2019

Desert Winds And Electrical Energy Essay -- essays research papers

Desert Winds and Electrical EnergyThe energy of the move can be channeled into other forms of energy besides the energy utilise as an erosional agent. This is especially true of desert intimations. Today, some desert wind is used to make electricity.Wind velocity is affected by transfer temperature. When tonal pattern warms and cools, it changes density, which creates transfer pressure differences that cause wind. In the desert, temperatures may redact from 40 F at night to more than 120 F in the daytime. Because of this temperature fluctuation, wind is generally stronger in desert argonas. There are many windy areas in California. It is usually windier during the summer months when wind peakes in from cooler areas, like the ocean to replace hot rising air in Californias deserts. In Southern California, the hot air from the desert goes up and out over the Coast Range, reaching seaward. When it cools dispatch it descends and flows back toward the land and re-enters the deser t by means of such loop holes in the Coast Range as the San Gorgonio Pass the old Puerta de San Carlos above Indio. The rush of wind through this particular pass is quite violent at times. For wind is very much like water and seeks the least preclude path. Throughout the San Gorgonio Pass there are wind-eroded ledges attesting to the violent winds that pass through it. The San Go...

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