Friday, March 15, 2019

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Drama PortfolioHow did the low maneuver exercise develop your ideas?We first tried a aboveboard drama interview with some damage. Wethought we could develop it by adding much drama strategies. We alsothought that we could increase the prejudice of the interviewer andmaybe, instead of him face his own inner thoughts, he could have aconscience/alter-ego to check out it for him. This lead on to the thoughtthat we could make his alter-egos control him and his actions.What were your first thoughts?We discussed several(prenominal) meanings of the poem. We all thought that thepoem was close to prejudice in the plumpplace. The primary(prenominal) character isinterviewing people and discriminating against them because of theirdifferences. We thought that a good drama developing from this poemwould be in the form of an interview.What did your group sink?Our group decided to do the interview. We had 3 interviewees. Eachwould have a different characteristic i.e. colour, mentality,disa bility etc. They would be interviewed by a very prejudiced, racistperson who would become increasingly so afterward each interview.Strategies, media, elementsWe used 2 main strategies within this drama. The interviewer had whatwe called, an alter-ego or conscience. there was a good (angel),neutral (everyday man) and an evil (devil) conscience. Thesecontrolled him. As each interviewee enters, the prospect would freeze andthe conscience would give their inner thoughts about the person. Thealter-egos were placed on chairs, above, and surrounding theinterviewer to show control over him. We build this drama up to astring climax. One second, noise and business, and the next, silenceand solitude.What did you learn from another(prenominal) peoples ideas and work?I learnt, from one of my group members, that you should think beyondthe demonstrable drama and use as many drama elements as you target to developyour drama. Also, to offer and accept good criticism and/or adviceabout how peop le can improve their acting abilities.Rounded Rectangular Callout You lead be hearing from us shortly by U.A. Fanthorpe What would you like to work on next?The next thing I would like to castigate would be to see how prejudiceaffects people in other shipway e.g. at home, school, etc. and to developa few dramas on that. Also, I would like to focus on one particularaspect of prejudice/discrimination e.g. racism, ageism, etc. and use adrama to get the cognitive content across as to how these prejudices be wrongand why these people are no different to any others.You Will Be Hearing From Us ShortlyYou feel adequate to the demands of this position?What qualities do you feel you

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