Tuesday, March 12, 2019

School life

E genuinely day line upms never- ending. It feels handle if we were at teach a gibibyte hours instead of eight. Routine is heavy, always doing the same, waking up at 7 am then going to school at 8 am. after(prenominal) that we puzzle to survive boring teachers and employmentless subjects for the next seven or eight hours with only a few breaks between them. Once we bugger off home all we want to do is sleep. But no, we can t, we got to do our homework.Teachers think we do not have enough at school so they give us work to do at home. It seems like a Joke. We have no time for our interests or hobbies such as arts like learning how to play an instrument, learning to paint or draw or whatever we want to do. Our schedule is full of things. some of them have to do with school. All what I have said is what a student would say if I call him right now, but if he took some seconds to think, he would realize school give us lot of possibilities.Thanks to school is that weve got friends . Students often said things such as Hey teachers, you know we have a social life, don t you? that s that s very rough, they (school) gave us the possibility of having a social life. Of course we got one foreign school Personally, I think that we must stay positive and see the slap-up things school life offers. Yes, its kind of tough but withal it will be our work life. That s school life porpoise, to prompt us for what is coming ext.Yes, I will not discuss sometimes It is boring, but remember all the time you laugh at school, with your friends and why not with your teachers too. School life Is hard, but its a good thing. Nelson Mandela in one case said Education Is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. And he Is correct. Education is the key to success, and by success I do not only mean being a great doctor or businessman but also to reach happiness.

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