Thursday, March 14, 2019

Somalia vs United States Essay -- Compare Contrast Comparison

Somalia vs United StatesSomalia, which is about the size of Texas, is a small earth fit(p) in Eastern Africa next to the Indian Ocean. The United States, which is located on the Western Hemisphere, is bordered by Mexico and Canada and is between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Separated not only by the Atlantic Ocean, Somalia and the United States ar also separated by the differences in economies and populations. These two countries that are quite a opposite in size have some similarities in their governments and facts of life systems. Somalia is one of the worlds poo relaxation behavior and least developed countries (Campbell). Because of the Civil War, which stony-broke out in 1991, much of Somalias economy has been devastated. The war leave many homeless and drove them to raise livestock as a means of survival. The economy used to be based on exports of cattle, goats, and bananas merely as of early 1992 much of the economic trade had come to a halt. Now the economy is pri marily based on the raising of livestock, which accounts for 40% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) (Alhaus). Due to overgrazing, soil erosion, and the clearing off of many trees, Somalia has very few natural resources, which have not been exploited. know deposits take petroleum, copper, magnesium, gypsum, and iron ( Somali Economy). Before the war, Somalia had a well-functioning elective republic government. Under the 1979 Constitution, the president held executive power. The president was the head and attractor of the countrys sole legal political party, The Somali revolutionary Socialist Party. Elected to serve a 7-year term, the president was nominated by the partys central committee. Ever since the civil war in 1991, when the government collapsed, Somalia has been in a state of civil war and disintegration (Somalian Government). Somalia is one of the countries in the world with the least miscellany among the people. 98.8% of the population is made up of ethnic Somalis ( Kraus). Other minority groups include Arabs, Indians, Italians, and Pakistanis. Most Somalis are nomadic or semi nomadic herders of livestock. The rest are either crop farmers or inhabitants of the few urban centers. The semiofficial languages of the country are Somali and Arabic and the state religion is Islam (Somalian People). Primary education for children of at least six eld was mandatory for Somalians. Many ... ...CD-ROM. Rediman Microsoft, 1999. 7. Somalian Economy. 1 March 1999. Country Profiles. 8 Sep. 2001 8. Somalian Government. 1 March 1999. Country Profiles. 8 Sep. 2001 9. Somalian People. 1 March 1999. Country Profiles. 8 Sep. 2001 10. United States. The capital of South Carolina Electronic encyclopedia 6th Edition. capital of South Carolina University Press, 2001. 8 Sep. 2001 13247.html. 11. United Stat es of America. Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of Nations, second ed. U*X*L, 1999. Reproduced in Student Resources Center. Farmington hills, Mich. Gale Group. December 2000 . 12. United States Economy. The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia 6th Edition. Columbia University Press, 2001. 8 Sep. 2001 articlesnews/13247Economy.html. 13. United States People. The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia 6th Edition. Columbia University Press, 2001. 8 Sep. 2001 13247People.html. 14. Vick, Karl. Building a government form scratch. After 10 chaotic years, Somalia has a president. majuscule Post 24 Nov. 2000 A45.

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