Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Shramik Bharti Essay --

Sharmik Bharti is a nonprofit organization registered on the fifteenth of Oct. 1986, under Societies Registration Act of 1860. It is situated in Vikas Nagar of Lakhanpur, Kanpur and works for some(prenominal) urban and rural communities.It believes in build a true classless society. Eradication of poverty, empowerment of women, welfare of children and communitys capacity building are its main goals. The organization now has to a greater extent than 90 liberal time professionals and 150 community based volunteers striving aphonic for the onward motion of 125 slums and 11 blocks of Kanpur and Dehat districts of Kanpur.The early years of its inception were very real spent in identifying the problems of the community and their root causes. Right from 1986, the organization was on the job(p) along with the people and for the people to better understand their priorities and the needs of the community. found on these fin dings, in that location emerged Self Help Groups for the empowerment of people. These groups became one of the load strengths of Shramik Bharti and worked for the slums of both rural and urban areas of Kanpur. Importance was given to the creation of sanitization infrastructure and the introduction of health care facilities in these areas. From then onwards, there is no look back for Shramik Bharati. It had taken up many recyclable activities for the betterment of the people and the community. To cite a few, reclamation of waste charge for generation of upkeep, establishing partnerships with support organizations to cater to the needs of the society, respecting peoples choices and assisting them to amend upon those areas etc.To achieve their objectives and goals Shramik Bharti focuses on three core areas... ...This program of the Shramik Bharti is the almsgiving based and is supported by Helpage. Under this project, till now more than 51 senior citizens who dont have proper l ivelihood and shelter are taken care of. Shramik Bharti appointed a quint member committee to support such people and fulfill their grassroots day today needs.Grassroot DemocracyOur country is still facing authentic socio economic challenges. To overcome these, community based organizations need to go come about in hand with the public organizations both at rural and urban levels. Shramik Bharti strongly believes in this principle and working hard to attend the challenges at grass root level.Thus, Shramik Bharti as a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization is striving hard to build a strong community where there are no traces of poverty and women are empowered to handle their own lives with immense confidence.

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