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Metamorphosis of Celie in Alice Walkers Color Purple Essay -- Color P

The Metamorphosis of Celie in The subterfuge Purple For people to be equal they need a chance to become equal by self- clutching themselves. As we are out begetth older during our childhood we depend on our purlieu, parents, and peers to create our self-image. Within our environment we are always trying to develop new insights in hostelry to observe, clarify, connect and account for our beliefs. Even the underlying cause of dysfunctional relationships lies in crucial events in our life experience. The environment in which one is raised(a) and developed will have a large affect on the individual. Most of the people that succeed in life come from lasting families, in well positioned environments. While those that are not fortunate rich often dont have the opportunities to rise to the top or even shorten a chance to self-discover themselves. Self-discovery is important because it is intended to increase an individuals self-awareness, and help them to identify their own beliefs , skills, potentials, and talents. But when an individual is forced or destined to grow up in an atmosphere in which there doesnt exist a stable and firm family or environment, it will generally be concentrated for the individual to self-discover himself and succeeded in life. These kinds of individuals that grow up under these circumstances in general suffer from depressions, sadness, and most importantly from low self-confidence. They suffer from low self-esteem because they were raised in low standard environments. Their personalities are excessively bleak to social rejection, humiliation, and shame. One of the greatest literary examples of this situation is Celie, the main grammatical case in the book The Color Purple by Alice Walker. Devoid of every and all respect, Celie, a p... reborn as a different person. A person who not only had the courage to tell Albert off, but psyche who left her husband to go with Shug to Memphis to start a pant factory, with cardinal g irls working under her. The book is truly a book near self-discovery and learning to love. Celies path is an expression of all peoples quest for themselves. The novel is the business relationship of a timid woman finding herself. She did so with the love and oppose of the women in the novel who understood and loved her, under a preventative and secure environment. Without this untraditional love a Celie would have lived her life louche by fear and pain. Celies journey through her mind, in an effort to discover her true self, is where the true greatness of this book lies. Work Cited Klosowski, John E. The Color Purple and Its True Color. Houston Cronicle. December 14, 1995 42-44.

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