Friday, February 15, 2019

Cocaine Essay -- essays research papers

My report is on the drug cocain. I will tell mainly how it affects the body and nervous system. I alike have included where cocaine comes from to help understand exactly what were talking some, and to clear up any misunderstanding about the drug.Cocaine is both a central nervous system stimulant and an anesthetic. It is represent in the leaves of the coca plant. The traditional method of coca use is to rechewed food the leaves, producing a mild stimulation. Outside of southeastward America it is generally utilize in its more than refined and extracted forms, either powder cocaine, or freebase cocaine and makes a much stronger effect than chewing the leaves. The term " ginger nut" is alternately use to tinge to street quality freebase cocaine, or to refer to the product of a particular manufacturing process, which uses sodium bicarbonate rather than a flammable solvent. Powdered cocaine is mostly snorted and crack or freebase cocaine is generally smoked. Smoking free base cocaine causes a strong, short-lived peak of about 3-5 minutes, while snorting cocaine provides a lower high with major(ip) effects lasting closer to 30 minutes.     The Mental facts of Cocaine straggle with dose and the tolerance of the user. It increases alertness, wakefulness, elevates the mood, mild to high degree of euphoria, increases athletic performance, decreases fatigue, cle atomic number 18r thinking, increases concentration, increases energy, increase irritability, insomnia, restlessness. With high doses someone may exhibit a pattern of psychosis with complex and disorganized behavior, irritability, fear, paranoia, hallucinations, may become extremely antisocial and aggressive.     Physically, it increases heart rate, lineage pressure, and body temperature. It also increases the blood pressure, temperature, pulse, and the respetory system. It dilates the pupils, decreases sleep and appetite, gives you seizures, strokes, hea rt attacks, and may notwithstanding cause death.      Cocaine comes from the Cocoa plant that mostly grows in South America. Long ago, Inca Indians would chew the leaves to baffle a mild, but long-lasting stimulation. mastication the leaves produces no high. Coca is consumed by chewing the leaves with a pinch of lime. preceding to adding the lime, the leaves argon chewed to moisten and break them, as well as seclude the stalks and strings. Then the... ...ith too little dopamine. As a result, the user shortly feels sad and depressed. As a result, the user quickly goes for another dose. A lot of good deal will do almost anything to get cocaine if they are in fact addicted because the drug is so powerful. some other bad thing about this drug is that it often takes more and more of the drug to achieve the same effect, which leads to overdoses. Surprisingly, a lot of Cocaine addicts are football players, weather they are in High School or the NFL. This is tru e because some football players take the drug so that they get a boost of energy that cocaine gives you. When you are on cocaine, you are basically a machine. You do things that you wouldnt normally do, just because you can. sometimes people do things as stupid as racing thither dogs as in one story Ive heard. Why did they do it? They did it because they could.In conclusion, the effect that cocaine has on the body is incredibly powerful. What people have done is taken a small, useful, and almost harmless plant, and change it into a problem in todays society. The plant in South America that was used to relieve hunger, was not meant to be used as such a powerful stimulant. .

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