Sunday, February 24, 2019

Should Lord of the Flies Be Banned?

English Debate 2011-2012 Should Lord of the Flies Be out(p) From Chisago Lakes High School? Argument 1 Peer Pressure By Elizabeth Gornik Were sitting here talking, in Mr. Scharnbergs first moment English class at Chisago Lakes High School, about how this classic disk Lord of the Flies by William Golding affects our everyday lives. Half of the room believes its a life lesson and should be continued in our education course of instruction and the other half believes its sending a horrible message to our company and should be forever banned from our school.I believe that its an educational guard and should continue to be taught its a great read and has changed my expectation on things in life. For the other half of you I understand where you guys argon coming from, this allow has sexual references, its violent and makes fun of disabled multitude but you have to look past that and see the deep nitty-gritty in the gory paragraphs. In our lives we face many challenges one of the titanic issues is look pressure. We all face it in high school, drugs, sex, erupties, alcohol, skipping school, etc. The vocabulary definition of peer pressure is influence from members of ones peer group.Lord of the Flies is a perfect of example peer pressure it shows how everyone cracks under pressure. Choices they make are determined by the manipulation and domination of their much powerful friends. The littluns are faced with pressure because they dont precisely know whats going on, they whole lives theyve been supported by their families and didnt have to worry about seeing tomorrows daylight. outright they have to depend on boys twice their age because everyone else is and they dont know how to take care of themselves. Another situation is when ll the boys first met and everyone was devising fun of hoggish and calling him Fatty, Ralph decided to be part of the fun and giggles and tell everyone Piggys secret nickname to belief part of the crowd. Later on in the book t he more Ralph realizes that Piggy was his one, true friend. Towards the end of the book Samneric were pressured into joining Jacks kinsfolk by threatening them. They end up joining to save their lives. This book clearly shows that how theyre acting is influenced by the things that they have gone through, the milieu is what influenced them, not a book.Think about it, Jack became obsessed with hunting because thats all he could do to entertain himself. When teens and children even adults are world-weary they tend to experiment things such as drugs, sex, alcohol. If youre not retentiveness yourself busy and hanging around the wrong people, eventually you get influenced to do things you will regret doing in the future. Also, it shows that the consequences of our mistakes, it does not encourage us to do the same. If you actually thought deep about the text and not on the dot surface through the offensive situations, you just might see what I see, a life lesson that each and every on e of us pick up to learn.

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