Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Money Can’t Buy Happiness Essay

Can bullion get happiness? No, money is a corpo authentic asset. In today?s world many of us revolve our lives around money, but does it really wanton us happy? We are contented when we go bulge buying, not only essentials, but also the latest cars, fashions, new technology, furniture, divergence on expensive holiday?s etc. Having all these sociable material items go away bear us happy but it is counterfeit happiness. True happiness lies within our spirit, to be happy not with material items, but with ourselves, our family, and the gifts God has given us.When we buy certain items of ?value? they whitethorn give us cheer, but pleasure is not the same as joy or happiness. Pleasure pass offs quickly, and when pleasure is not connected to purity and joy it has a bitter after(prenominal)taste. If we always choose pleasure all over goodness and joy, we shall choke on the residues of the truly pleasure that makes us who we are. rapture is not connected to being rich or poor. We all read fulfillment from sources other than money. It has been proven that forty-two percent of people would hold the line their current seam, even if they won at least ten jillion dollars. For example a twenty-six year old Brooklyn (America) schoolteacher unbroken working despite winning sixty-five million dollars. She stated that, ?My job will keep me grounded, it is about life outside of money relationships, and comfort.?. This shows us that there are people who will choose happiness after pleasure. The people who do choose happiness over pleasure will benefit it in the long run. Even if they did loose all their money they would still have a job to go to in the morning, real friends and not people who have hopped on for a ride, and spiritual contentedness. capital does not, will not, and should not ever equal happiness. Happiness should stem from the very simplest things in life our families, the world around us, even getting postal service Life should be lived passion ately spent active, but not living for money. Be picky close your eyes and point but make sure your choices make you happy. If you execute what makes you happy, you?ll be the richest person in the world. notes is a source of short-term happiness and only gives us pleasure it doesnot give us happiness or joy. Wealth is a material asset that gives us synthetic blissfulness, which will eventually fade away. currency can not buy true happiness, it buys artificial happiness. plenty who value money, beauty and popularity more so than they value intimacy, growth and fraternity contribution are a lot less mentally salutary and a lot more unhappy. We all suffer the consequences of our choices, so make sure they are the right choices and we shall then devour the beneficial outcome. We must(prenominal) all look for genuine happiness money is unable to buy. Money does not, will not, and should not ever equal happiness. Money can?t buy happiness

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