Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Compare And Contrast The Ways Essay -- essays research papers

Compare and short letter the ways in which the poet describes the breakdown if the affinity. Comment on the effectiveness of their pen-craftI chose to compare the metrical compositions An Anniversary, by Vernon ScannelDismissal, by John TrippA Winters tale, by D.H. LawrenceIn the poem &8220An Anniversary the poet describes the relationship and it&8217s breakdown as two leaves on a river, this is and example of &8216Personification&8217. In contrast to this poem in the poem &8220Dismissal Tripp describes the breakdown very much as it was, describing two tribe in a dreary pub, this is an example of &8216 cockamamie fallacy&8217 as the setting is very boring and dark like the breakdown of the relationship. In &8220A Winters Tale Lawrence uses a similar verse-craft to Scannel in &8220An Anniversary with the relationship being exposit as a field but he unsounded uses heap in the poem to describe the commonwealth in the relationship. Lawrence besides uses &8216Pathetic Fallacy& 8217 as he describes a cold winter&8217s day when the relationship broke down.In &8220An Anniversary the poet says&8220The sky&8217s smeared mo nonone.This room the sky was smeared with one colour, which may signify a boring dull relationship.&8220Two willow leaves glide smoothly onThe water&8217s shimmering skinThis is an example of &8216Enjambment&8217. It describes the leaves floating smoothly but apart from each new(prenominal). The use of enjambment here helps the rhythm of the poem utter on smoothly like the leaves gliding. It could signify the two people still going on in life smoothly but not in concert. When he says &8220the water&8217s shimmering skin it gives the impression of being murky below and shiny on top. This could show there is more to the relationship than what people see initially or that when the relationship was still happening it may have looked alright to everyone else watching but there were things going on beneath the surface that weren&8217t alrig ht.&8220Once, on a branch in the sun, they dancedAnd often corresponded each otherThey will not touch each other again,In the relationship this signifies that they were once happy together but now they will never be together again. It could also mean that from the beginning the re... ... and downhearted that the relationship is ending. He also knows that the relationship is over and can&8217t go on but he still has some feelings for the woman. He may feel upset that she has issue forth so promptly when she knows what he will say but she believably just wants to get the hurt and pain over with.The structure of the poem is &8220ABAB when the 1st and 3rd and 2nd and 4th lines rhyme with each other e.g.&8220Snow and Go&8220Emerge and VergeThey are the last words in verse one that rhyme.I think the three poems, although they are about the akin thing, describe it very otherwise. Dismissal describes it very much like talk whereas An Anniversary uses nature to describe the breakdown. A winter&8217s Tale is a mixture as in stanza one it uses mainly imagination with the field to describe the relationship, but in stanza two it uses run-on-lines to describe his feelings. and so in stanza three it uses a mixture by using the wide-eyed ABAB structure from verse one, but still using his thoughts of the woman, rather than imagery of the field, to describe the relationship. All three poems describe the breakdown very differently but very effectively.

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