Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Rap Music Is Not Music Essay -- Art

pick apart Music Is Not MusicDescribing the (disenchanting) chanting of belt Music as singing or as music is indeed (in either case) a capital misnomer. Real Music is the c atomic number 18ful arrangement of organized sounds in the form of notes that then result in a smooth run short of rhythm, tone, and pitch that when united, is quite pleasing to the ear. Rap is not music. The unpleasant-sounding horror is pell-mell dissonance and certainly not elegant consonance. Rap is veritable randomness pollution that is tastelessly amplified from a cumbersome boom box. Generally speaking, remote black soul music and traditional black rhythm and colour, Rap is two heartless and soulless. Standard love songs show respect and esteem for a member of the opposite gender but most modern-day Rap lyrics promote a hedonistic me first ghetto survival motif that is cruelly perpetuated upon its afflicted listening audience.When Rap songs first appeared I believed that the crying nonsense woul d be another fad phenomenon that would gradually vanish kindred 70s disco music had slowly but surely lost its carrier bag (along with our attendant intrigue and curiosity). solely unfortunately the dunce- equivalent Rap lyrics herald the slash elements of society and the brazen inflammatory words glamorize sex, drugs, random and metrical violence and gang intimidation themes that through-and-through reek with sexism, racism and the glorification of the ghetto mentality. In most Rap song themes the dysfunctional dregs of the inner metropolis are elevated to hero status while the entertainers sound like disgruntled grunting angry contemporary cavemen who are advocating the downfall of white the States with vitriolic words expressing rage, rebellion and mixer revolution. This expansion of the easy-money anti-establishment ghetto mentality is provide resentment and hostility among disenfranchised inner city youth as well as contaminating the gullible and vulnerable minds of subur ban teens. But the entire reprehensible in-progress-brainwashing technique that Rap Music demonstrably utilizes is twain a sham and a canard that is trafficking affected teens down a unreliable One-Way-Street that leads only to a permanent lackluster socio-economic cul-de-sac. What a pathetic and contemptible social disasterIn the 50s and early 60s black rhythm and blues imaginatively captured the hopes, the dreams, the ideals and t... ...lity has replaced compassion. To add to the ongoing dilemma other benign abstractions excessively have been viciously assaulted. In the Rap Music World defiance has replaced respect, sex has replaced courtship, using others for personal gain has replaced basic courtesy and calorie-free rape has replaced teen romance.Rap Music (in general) is definitely a catastrophic and dangerous factor to American civilization because the colossal scourge equates (in ingenuous adolescent minds) pervasive corruptive moral fallacies purporting that adventur es tragically equals thugs and drugs, that freedom is social anarchy, that love is the same thing as sex, that justice is a vigilante-oriented lifestyle, that truth can only be represented as deplorable ghetto misery, that reward is nothing more than revenge and last but not least, that doubting Thomas Jeffersons Pursuit of happiness is really only the pursuit of egocentric pleasure. In conclusion, the flimflam known as Rap Music is not bona fide music because the blight is without grace, without beauty and without love, the fundamental truly joyous qualities that are vitally necessary in order to make life both satisfying and worthwhile in any given civilization.

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