Saturday, February 2, 2019

Operant condition Essay -- essays research papers

Several years ago, I was the marketing Manager for a new line of perfume, which had to be promoted, introduced to the consumer, and allow for succession in the market. By marketing the product the sales would either be high or low depending on the market rejoinders. One way to ensure successfully marketing to the right consumers is through the use of Operant Conditioning.Operant Conditioning, too known as Instrumental learning is defined as a learning process by which the consequences of an operant response affects the likelihood that the response will occur in the future(Kozak, pg 22). Basically, Operant Conditioning is a stimulus response pattern that when reinforced will condition the single(a) response to a desire behavior. Our behaviors are altered to be worthy or undesirable through reinforcements, punishment and extinction. Overall, Operant conditioning is a voluntary response that precedes the stimulus and the reinforcement. According to Dr.Komisar Behavioral therapist at Long Island Jewish Hospital, says Operant Condition has been applied in many a(prenominal) situations, such as teaching, clinical settings, and advertising, which have been proven successful in clinical trails. B.F Skinner and Edward Thorndike have developed two famous float of research in this area.BF Skinner felt that the term reinforcement was more than desirable than the word reward(Darcy, pg 215). Reinforcement is any stimuli that strengthen the desired response (Darcy, pg 223). For example, sometim...

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